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In 2001 the Friends of the Breast Cancer List (FBCL) established the Ruth Wolf Memorial Scholarship Fund (RWMSF). It was Ruth's wish that the scholarship fund help those folks who want to attend the BC List Gatherings but who need assistance paying for their registration, hotel and meals. Contact Bobbie Rivere at bmr1@optonline.net to request a scholarship for room and board. Requests and bequeaths are handled with confidentiality and sensitivity.

There is also an FBCL travel scholarship fund for list members, the Maria Wetzel Memorial Travel Fund (MWMTF). Up to $150.00 per person is available, by request, on arrival at the hotel. Contact Naomi Katz at: (FriendsofBCList@BellSouth.net) to request travel assistance. Please write "FBCL Travel Assistance Request" in the subject line to request travel assistance.

You can make a donation to the scholarship funds by mail or by PayPal via the fbcl website.

Go to: http://www.friendsofbclist.org/scholarshipfund.htm and click on the credit card link. Or mail your check or money order, made payable to "FBCL." Please include a note designating your donation to either the RWMSF or the MWMTF scholarship funds.

Mail to:
Allison J. McCreary
Coconut Grove Bank
2701 South Bayshore Drive
Miami, Florida 33133

(All donations to FBCL by U.S. citizens are tax deductible)
More information about Friends of the Breast Cancer List (FBCL) may be found at:


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