At the Globe

Every year the BCList holds a face to face gathering in North America. It has been traditional to produce a collection of biographical summaries of the list members for this annual event.

Initially this document, the Bios, was produced as a hard copy booklet but in the last few years the format has moved to the production of an interactive CD. More recently we decided to be more inclusive and to provide the document as a PDF to all members of the list whether or not they are attending the Gathering. We decided to move to an electronic solution as so many people these days use phones or iPads or netbooks to access the internet and most of these devices do not have CD drives. We decided that email was a good solution as the one thing we know about all our members’ computer access is that they read email!

The Bios document contains information and photos that listers wish to share with other members of the list, eulogies and photos of members who have died since the last Gathering and whose lives will be celebrated at the memorial service as well as some useful links. The document is produced for the sole use of members of the BCList and should not be shared outside the list. Copyright of the individual sections and of the photographs belongs to those who created them and they should not be reproduced without permission. However, if you want a hard copy for your personal use, you may print the document.

Hazelanne Lewis researched and wrote the eulogies with assistance from other listers, Brenda Denzler, Brenda Eastman, Jane Reid and Maria Brent. Lynnette Hopwood took the Biloxi photo that that was used as the cover photo and BCList members provided their bios and photographs. Pam Breakey and Naomi Katz compiled the list of Mets listers who died during the year.

A link for the completed Bios document has been circulated to everyone on the BCList for download. If you haven’t received the link or are having problems accessing it, please contact Anne Holmes.