At the Globe

It’s that time of the year again when Bios are needed for the annual Bios collection.

So this is the first (and hopefully penultimate) call for bios! It’s time to prepare your bio for 2016 and the Hold Hands Over Niagara Falls gathering. The deadline to get them to Anne is Friday 20 August 2016 but the sooner the better.

If you’re new to the list, we should explain that it has been traditional to put together bios of the BClist members for the annual gathering. These have been produced in a variety of formats over the years. They really are just one-pagers for everyone, not full bios and are focused on your BC experience and your experience with the BCList and its members. It doesn’t matter whether you are coming to the Gathering or not. We would just like to have bios about all of you 2015 members that will tell people stuff about you and what BC and the List has meant to you.

So what is required is as follows:

• Maximum of 420 words (that should be a page if you include a photo)
• Send to me in Word or in the text of an email
• Send me separately a photo you would like included: of yourself or an avatar or something symbolic to you, or if there is one online like Facebook send me a link
• Please include in the text the following sections:

o Basics – name, email
o BC History – your diagnosis and treatment, your BC journey
o BCList – when you joined the list, what it means/has meant to you,    stories
o Personal – some personal stuff about you and your interests

So, as my illustrious predecessor Jane has said in the past, please don’t treat it as homework or sweat on it and please don’t bother formatting it beautifully as I will just have to reformat it uniformly. Just write it up and email it to me.

Most of you should have the final 2015 Bios document, so based on this, you have the following options:

• If you want the bio and photo to remain as 2015, just send me a confirming email
• If you want a new photo added to your 2015 bio, please send me the photo or link to it
• If you want minor changes made to the text, please email them to me
• If you want major changes to the bio, or you want to write a new one, please write it up and send it to me as outlined above.
If you have any questions, please email me for help.

And if you would like me to send you a copy of the 2015 document, please contact me.

So get writing! I am really looking forward to reading your stories.