Long Branch Gathering


The 2015 Gathering will be our 20th Anniversary of getting together and giving each other more than just cyber hugs and kisses. A Gathering is a special and wonderful thing, full of laughter and tears, celebrations of life and mutual support. It includes group dinners, festive activities, improvisational comedy, and moments of poignancy when we remember those we have lost.

Join us down the shore at Ocean Place, Long Branch, New Jersey! You won’t regret it!

If you have any questions or want clarification about any of the information about the Gathering, please contact one of the following: Bobbie Rivere, Hilde Horvath, or Maria Brent

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  1. The costs are outlined in different pages: you will need to look at the Registration page for registration and meals costs. In addition there is the room charge for the hotel. This will depend on how many nights you are staying.

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